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HP Wireless Elite

Reader Reviews: Review Your Keyboard

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By graphicssoft

Name of product: 

HP Wireless Elite

Date of purchase: 

March 2009

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How much did it cost? 

About $40

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My Review 

For years, I used a Microsoft Wireless Desktop set with all the fancy extra keys and buttons--that I never used. I got fed up with the massive size of that keyboard, especially when sharing desk space with a graphics tablet. I also felt like I typed better on most laptop keyboards. So I went on the hunt for a low-profile wireless keyboard and found this one from HP. I love this keyboard.

I was used to the larger delete key from my Microsoft keyboard, and this one also has it. Typing on this keyboard is super quiet. Because the keyboard is so thin and light, I can easily move it out of the way when I need to use my graphics tablet. Battery life seems to be very good as well.

It does not have dedicated media keys, but I can still control my music with it, using a Fn key combination which works out fine for me. There are dedicated volume and mute buttons. It has a sleep button, but I never use it.

There is no wasted space on this keyboard so it's probably one of the smallest keyboards you can find with a full numpad. It does not have a wrist wrest, but that has not been a problem since it is already so low to the desk. I find it very comfortable to type on.

The construction quality seems solid to me, and after a year and a half of daily use, there are no signs of any letters wearing off the keys. They say it is spill-proof--I haven't had a major spill, but it has held up fine to some drips. There is very little space between the keys so it stays pretty clean. I occasionally clean it with a small brush.

One thing that some may find annoying is the lack of status lights for numlock, scroll lock, and caps lock. I work around this using a small freeware utility called "NumCapsScroll Indicator." The bright blue blinking light on the USB receiver is also annoying, but I just covered the light with tape.

I have used the keyboard on Windows Visa 64-bit and currently use it in Windows 7 64-bit. It comes with a little software utility from HP which is supposed to show you the battery life, but it never worked for me, and does not need to be installed. I just test my batteries when I start getting missed keystrokes and that's usually when they are about dead. I think I have replaced the batteries 2 or 3 times in 18 months. It uses 2 AAA batteries.

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