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How to Install and Connect a Webcam to Your PC


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Clip Your Webcam to your Monitor
A Webcam on a Flat Panel Monitor

A Webcam on a Flat Panel Monitor

Courtesy of Mark Casey

Whether you're using an older CRT monitor, which has a convenient flat surface for your webcam to sit, or a new flat panel display, most webcam clips can accommodate both styles of monitor.

Shown here clipped to a flat panel display, having your webcam in this position is probably the most useful and versatile place you can put it. And, of course, it's easy to take it off and place it somewhere else if you need to.

This is actually one feature that puts desktop PC webcams a step above standard laptop webcams, since they tend to be stuck in the same place centered at the top of your monitor. Of course, the trade of is, your laptop PC is portable itself, so it's not a huge deal.

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