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Web Cameras & Video Inputs

Whether you're making a feature film or just video chatting with a friend, the way you record your videos and put them on your PC matters. Read web cam reviews and video device tutorials to find out out which are the best, which are the cheapest, and where they overlap.
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5 Budget Webcams
A list of webcams that are easy on the wallet

How to Install a Webcam – How to Set Up a Webcam -- Webcam Installation
How to Install a Webcam – How to Set Up a Webcam -- Webcam Installation

Guide to Webcams
Everything you need to know about the buying and using of webcams

7 Important Webcam Features
7 Important Webcam Features

Disable a Webcam
For whatever reason, you may need to disable the integrated webcam on your computer or laptop. These easy steps will walk you through it.

What Are Webcam Frame Rates?
Still not sure what webcam frame rates are, and why they are important? Read this article to find out.

What to Consider Before Buying a Webcam
What you should know before you buy a webcam

How to Connect a Webcam to Your PC
Looking to connect a webcam to your new PC? Many laptops come with webcams these days, but with most desktop PCs, you will need to connect a separate webcam via a USB port or similar connection, and this is a step-by-step guide for doing just that.

Before You Buy a Webcam
Before you make a decision about buying that new webcam, you should check out these helpful tips for figuring out how to choose the best webcam for you.

Creative Webcams - Official Site
The official website of Creative Technology. Creative is a leading brand when it comes to webcams.

Earthcam Webcam Community
Earthcam.com is a large community of people with webcams who are interested in using them to chat, connect, share experiences, and explore the world amongst one another.

Webcams.travel is a travel-themed website, meant to provide viewers with live shots of famous landmarks and locations, as well as to help travelers share their experiences with each other and the world.

10 Weird, Strange and Cool Webcam Feeds
A running list of some of the strangest and the coolest webcams on the Internet (and some fun and silly ones as well)

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