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Video & Graphics Cards

Want to know which are the best graphics cards available today, or just curious about what all the specifications on the back of the box mean? Here's the place to find definitions, FAQs, reviews and rankings the latest video cards.

Eight Peripherals to Build the Ultimate Gaming PC
What’s a powerful machine without the components and peripherals to make it shine? Your graphics card, monitor, speakers, mouse and keyboard—these are the elements that you use to actually experience the game.

Before You Buy a Video Card
A useful description of the different terms, phrases and specifications consumers should look for when choosing to buy a video card or upgrade their current one. What a gamer is looking for in a graphics card might be different from that of a graphic designer, and this article will help you tell the difference.

ATI Graphics Cards by AMD -- Official Site
The official site of ATI Graphics Cards, which is owned by AMD. ATI is one of the largest and most respected manufacturers of video cards.

NVidia Graphics Cards -- Official Site
Nvidia is one of the most prolific producers of graphics cards in America, and manufactures the famous "GeForce" line of video cards.

Diamond Graphics Cards -- Official Site
The official site of Diamond graphics cards, which use ATI technology and remain one of the more popular video card brands.

Wikipedia's Video Card Page
Interested in video cards? An expert, even? Wikipedia has highly technical details on their video card page that you might be able to help edit.

Technical Specs from Computer Hope
ComputerHope.com has a lot of interesting specifications about the actual physical operations of a video card, including what all the wires, pins, and cords are meant to do.

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