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Maxell NC-III Noise Cancellation Headphones

Stylish and Lightweight High Quality Headphones

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Maxell NC-III Noise Cancellation Headphones

Maxell NC-III Noise Cancellation Headphones

Courtesy of Maxell

Maxelll's new NC-III headphones provide gorgeous, layered audio quality comparable to much more expensive luxury headphone brands, with the added feature of effective noise cancellation, making them the perfect companion for travel on airplanes or other noisy environments.

Add in unique ability to collapse and become highly portable, and Maxell's NC-III are clearly a great choice for audiophile on a budget, or anyone interested in affordable noise cancellation headphones, or simply high quality audio in their headset.

At a Glance


  • Extremely high quality sound reproduction
  • Advanced noise cancelling technology
  • Lightweight, portable design
  • Stylish and comfortable appearance


  • Despite portability, bulky compared to earbuds
  • Battery pack may distract in some situations


The Maxelll NC-III headphones provide remarkably crisp and clear sound reproduction, even while using the battery-powered noise cancellation features meant to drown out external sound. The music playback quality of these headphones, which only cost around $30.00, is excellent, rivaling the lush and layered tones of high-end headphones which cost three times as much. Basses are deep and rich, high notes are crisp, and vocals come through clear as a bell. These headphones are ones through which music sounds even more nuanced and complex than it does on home stereo systems worth thousands of dollars.

With the volume turned low, no quality is lost, and with it turned up very loud, the headphones refuse to distort. They also do a great job of keeping your music between the earphones. Noise doesn't bleed out and bother those around you.

If there is one drawback, it may be in the area of comfort, some of which is sacrificed for quality. In order for the noise cancellation technology to work, for example, a small but highly visible battery pack is located in the middle of the stereo cable. When you don't have batteries in it, it's nearly weightless; with batteries installed, however, it becomes fairly heavy.

Features of the Maxell NC-III Headset

  • Noise Cancellation Technology
  • Consumers often mistake "Noise Cancellation" as just a gimmick meant to describe headphones which are particularly well insulated and provide a sort of "earmuff" effect for muting other sounds. On the contrary, While a muffling effect may be present with most on- or over-ear headphones, the term "Noise Cancellation" is usually reserved for very sophisticated audio technology geared toward eliminating external distractions while you listen to music (or just try to sleep).

    The Maxell NC-III headphones do not disappoint when it comes to this feature. In laymens terms, it works because the NC-III's earphones are equipped with microphones, which process external noises they pick up (such as an airplane droning) and send a specific "anti-noise" wave through the earphones, which helps to overlap and cancel out the external sounds. Surprisingly, the Maxell NC-III accomplishes a very quiet environment just as well as larger, ear-encompassing headphones with similar technology.

  • Collapsible Frame for Extreme Portability
  • The NC-III's have a collapsible frame, by which you can fold the headphones into themselves via a pair of hinges, making the otherwise notoriously difficult-to-store "U-shape" of the headphones a non-issue. After folding them up, the headphones will fit easily into just about any pocket. This will be a breath of fresh air for audiophiles who hate sacrificing sound quality, but find themselves always carring earbuds for the convenience.

User Reviews

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 3 out of 5
Good sound but clumsy, Member sheryy77

I like the sound these put out. I had expected more from the noise cancelling feature but it may be all that's possible with this technology. Batteries last a long time. I like the earphone padding and that there is a void for the speakers instead of being flat and laying right on top of the ear. These fit comfortably on your head and on your ears. These headphones tend to be a bit clumsy though. They fold up but not very compactly. The thing I really dislike about these is where the battery compartment is. This bulky, somewhat heavy compartment is in the middle of the cord. It doesn't have a clip on it so you cant clip it to your shirt or anywhere else. It's not close to the plug where it could sit next to the computer or be secured with what ever music source it's connected to. It's not close to the headphones so that it could just hang. It's right in the middle so that it's always in the way. If you set it on the desk it falls off if you move just a little too far away jerking the cord when it reaches the end of the slack. This is maddening! When it comes time to replace these, the location of the battery pack on the replacements will be a deciding factor.

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