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Removable Storage

Expand or upgrade your PC's storage capacity with an external hard drive, flash drive, or USB thumb drive. Find out how to choose the best model and brand for your money, and decide how much space is right for you.
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Should I Use Online Storage?
Determining if this is the best type of data storage for you

5 Tough Flash Drives
Five durable USB flash drives

FAQ About External Storage
A Q&A for the storage category

5 High-Performance Hard Drives
A list of 5 high-performance hard drives that earn their price tags

3 Tips for Buying a Portable or External Hard Drive
3 tips before buying a portable or external hard drive

4 Tips For Buying a Flash Drive
Buying advice for USB flash drives

What Size USB Flash Drive Do I Need?
Not sure what size to buy? Read here for some helpful hints.

The Time(s) I Forgot to Back Up
We talk a lot about the importance of regularly backing up your data. Of course, just because we talk about it doesn’t mean that people are actually doing it. Confess your failure-to-backup sins here and perhaps your story can serve as a cautionary tale. See submissions

SuperSpeed USB 3.0 FAQ
Here's a handy FAQ for all of your SuperSpeed USB 3.0 questions.

SuperSpeed USB 3.0 FAQ
Here's a handy FAQ for all of your SuperSpeed USB 3.0 questions.

Before You Buy an External Hard Drive
Backing up your data can be an overwhelming step, but it's a necessary one. External hard drives are a great way to secure your data. Here's what you need to know before you buy an external hard drive.

Always Be Prepared
An overview of the SwissArmy flash drives

Frequently Asked Questions About USB Flash Drives
A FAQ guide to the specifications, uses, and purposes of portable USB flash drives. Get all the details about the functionality, terminology, and physical design of USB flash drives.

Best External Storage
External storage comes in all types and sizes, and your needs will vary depending on what kind of media user you are. One this is certain: Backing up is crucial and should be looked as a necessary part of consuming media. Whether you re looking for portability, security or durability, there is an external storage solution that fits your needs....

LaCie Porsche Design USB Key Review

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