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Learn More About Your New Computer Peripheral


Okay, you've bought a new computer peripheral. You might even know how to use it. But what now? What's next?

Now that you finally have that new high-tech gadget you've been wanting, learn how to use it here -- and even better, learn how to do more with it. Just check out these easy to follow how-to guides and FAQ pages to keep you up to speed.

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How to Guides

The Aiptek Portable Projector in Hand

Need help connecting something? Need help installing something? Want to turn something into something else or, even better, have no clue what you're supposed to want to do with that new device? Check out these easy to follow how-to guides to keep yourself in the know.

Get More Information

Western Digital 500MB My Book Home Edition

Everything you wanted to know about anything plugged into that computer of yours but were always too afraid to ask.

Check out these frequently asked questions, the glossary of PC terms, and other informational sources so that you can always know what you're talking about -- and thinking about!

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