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Microsoft Arc Mouse Review

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Microsoft Arc Mouse Review

The Arc comes in a variety of colors, including black.

Microsoft Hardware
Even though the Microsoft Arc mouse looks more like a decorative accessory than a fully functional mouse, it can be used quite comfortably for moderate periods of time. It would make an attractive choice for a laptop user whose home base is the kitchen, living room or other highly visible area, and its folding design also makes it a solid option for travelers.

Arc At a Glance

The Good: foldable design, selection of colors, has USB-receiver placeholder

The Bad: Not ergonomic

User-Friendly Features

The bottom third (or so) of the Arc folds beneath the mouse's body with a strong, satisfying click. I folded and unfolded it dozens of times, and the strong construction can withstand daily abuse. Not only does the folding reduce the mouse's footprint (a plus for travelers), but it also switches the mouse off -- increasing battery life (a plus for everyone).

A variety of colors are available: black, brown, blue, purple, white or green. Since many kitchens now are just as likely to have a laptop as a Kitchen Aid mixer, this color choice is a nice option to have.

The 2.4GHz USB micro receiver fits into the bottom of the Arc when it's not being used. The receiver is quite small and could be easily misplaced, so it's relieving to have a custom-fit home for it.

Ergonomic Seekers Beware

The Arc isn’t ergonomic. Yes, it’s comfortable, but it’s still not ergonomic. While the mouse could be used for daily Web surfing, this is certainly not the mouse for a gamer or graphic designer.


The Arc fits securely in either the right or left hand, and standard clicking and scrolling are effortless. The programmable side button can be a bit awkward to use, but this mouse really isn't meant for more than standard browsing. It comes with a battery-status indicator that will glow when you're running low on juice.

Easy on the Eyes, Easy on the Wallet

If you're looking for an attractive mouse but don't need extra bells and whistles (like more programmable buttons or the hyper-fast scrolling that can be found in some Logitech mice), the $49.95 Microsoft Arc is a great choice. The 30-foot wireless range is sufficient, and the six-month battery life is more than enough.

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