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Kensington Ci70 Titanium Wireless Optical Mouse

A Cheap, Highly Responsive Wireless Mouse

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The Kensington Ci70 Titanium Optical Mouse

The Kensington Ci70 Titanium Optical Mouse

Courtesy of Kensington

Whether you are left or right-handed, the Kensington Wireless Optical Mouse will work for you. Unlike other mice that work primarliy with a right-handed person, this mouse is optimized for both, and includes optical laser precision as well as a great response time.

At a Glance


  • Comfortable design
  • Fast reaction
  • USB receiver


  • Struggles with operation from long distance
  • While thin, it is overall larger than comparable mice


  • Great response

With some cordless mice, the wireless technology can cause a lag in response time. But this is one area where the Kensington Ci70 shines. The ease with which the pointer moves across your screen makes any task easier, and it is especially nice for those who spend a lot of on their computers, because the charge does last an impressive amount of time.


The response time makes using the Kensington mouse easy, and the sleek design ensures that it matches any computer design, not to mention the fact that the wireless technology takes away the need for more cables running across your desk.

The main drawback of the mouse, however, is that it doesn't come with rechargeable batteries, and instead requires AAs. But with the money you save paying a mere $35 for the mouse, you can afford to replace the batteries. And, ironically, using fresh batteries every time results in a longer lasting charge. But prepare to switch to another mouse if it runs out, as you can't recharge it while you use it.

Overall, the quality of the mouse is great, especially for the price range.

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