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What is a mechanical keyboard?


Question: What is a mechanical keyboard?

A mechanical keyboard has switches beneath the keys that recreate the experience of typing on a typewriter. Although there are different types of switches used in mechanical keyboards, they all have the same result: more accurate typing.

What are the advantages of a mechanical keyboard?

There are other advantages to mechanical keyboards beyond enhanced accuracy, including longer keystroke life and sturdier keyboards.

What are the disadvantages of a mechanical keyboard?

The largest single disadvantage is that they are much, much louder. If you’re a fast typist, it won’t be long before you feel like in you’re in one of those old stenographer pools.

How much do mechanical keyboards cost?

Mechanical keyboards are also more expensive than your run-of-the-mill wired models, although they come close in price (or are even cheaper) than some of the more high-end wireless keyboards.

Who uses a mechanical keyboard?

Those who may find a mechanical keyboard to be a sound investment include office workers whose jobs depend on speedy and reliable data entry, and gamers.

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