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Waterproof, Water-Resistant and Washable Peripherals


It's important to note that these three things don't mean the same thing -- and their parameters even vary company by company. But suffice it to say, a waterproof device is one you can submerge, completely and entirely, in water. A water-resistant device is one that won't break if it gets splashes with water, and a washable device is one you can take a scrubbing to in the sink or in the dishwasher.4

Here a list of some of the more durable devices this site has reviewed.

1. Seal Shield Silver Storm Mouse

H2O Promise: Washable

This dishwasher-safe optical mouse is geared toward medical environments but would also work well in schools or homes with young children. Not only can it take a run through the dishwasher (it has a connector cover), but it also features what the company calls "antimicrobial protection" on its surface. In case there's any question about it, the mouse has the word "WASHABLE" in giant letters across its body. If you're lacking a dishwasher, you can also clean it in your sink.

2. Seal Shield Silver Seal Keyboard

H2O Promise: Washable

Another one from Silver Shield, this keyboard is similar to its mouse counterpart in that it is permitted to take a spin in the dishwasher or get scrubbed in the sink. This is a simple keyboard with few bells or whistles, but if it's durability you're after, it would be a good choice.

3. Kensington Pro Fit Washable Keyboard

H2O Promise: Washable

Although the Pro Fit isn't dishwasher-safe, it's a very affordable, very basic wired keyboard that can still be cleaned in the sink. It too features the company's claim of antimicrobial protection, so this is one more preventative measure to keep your desk from turning into a Petri dish. Unlike the Seal Shield devices, it does not have a connector cover, so you aren't able to submerge the USB connector in water.

4. ioSafe Drives Solo and Solo G3 Drives

H2O Promise: Waterproof

ioSafe is serious when it comes to its hard drives. Not only are the drives rated as being fireproof, but they're also waterproof to protect them from the ensuing extinguish. Yes, you do pay a premium for this security, but the company has a few different price points. These drives are for those who can't afford to mess around when it comes to protection.

5. ADATA DashDrive Durable HD710

H2O Promise: Waterproof

Although The DashDrive Durable doesn't claim to be fireproof (it's rubberized exterior squashes that immediately), it does withstand the waterproof test. This drive is also a heck of a lot more portable than the ioSafe models, so it's probably a bit more practical (and affordable) for students and travelers.

6. LaCie Rugged USB Key

H2O Promise: Water Resistant

LaCie says this drive is water resistant, which, as noted before, is different than waterproof or washable. Still, the drive features a heavy-duty, bright orange rubber covering that can protect it from drops, spills and the elements. Its pluses are that it's USB 3.0 capable and has password protection. Its biggest minus it that the Rugged is a bit pricey for a 16GB flash drive.

7. iKey SBW-97-TP Keyboard

H2O Promise: Washable

Another keyboard that's designed for medical environments, the SBW-97-TP keyboard differs from the Seal Shield models because this one is wireless. It comes with a full-sized dongle (not washable), and the keyboard itself is completely sealed in silicone rubber. It also has an integrated touchpad for an all-in-one solution. Needless to say, typing is a bit more difficult than your average keyboard, which is why this isn't really meant for your average user.

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