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Father's Day Gift Ideas


By this point, let’s hope you’ve moved past the tie and the golf tees for Father’s Day gifts. Just in case you haven’t, though, we’ve gathered up some of our best computer peripherals gift ideas to spruce up his man cave. (Man caves are optional.)

Samsung SP-H03

The Samsung SP-H03 LED pico projector dazzles with its portability and clear picture. While it's not an HDMI projector, its display is still impressive and it packs a variety of ports (MicroSD, AV, PC in, headphones) into its tiny package. As a bonus gift for Dad, load up a MicroSD card full of photos that he can show off immediately.


Logitech Z205 Laptop Speaker

Maybe he doesn’t have enough room on his desk for a proper set of PC speakers -- or maybe his boss frowns on thumping bass in the land of cubicles. Whatever the reason, Logitech’s Z205 is an decent-sounding speaker bar at a gift-friendly price. It clips nicely to a laptop screen, or it can sit next to a desktop computer.

LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 All-Terrain Hard Disk

We all know we should back up our data; unfortunately, too many of us are big fat slackers when it comes to actually doing it. Nudge your father in the right direction with this durable drive. Dad doesn’t have USB 3.0? No problem -- this external hard drive is backward compatible with USB 2.0.

Victorinox USB Flash Drive

Appeal to the Boy Scout in your dad with a Victorinox USB flash drive. There are a few versions available, including one with just the drive if your father is a frequent flier. These drives are sturdy and waterproof and come in capacities up to 32GB.

Phantom Lapboard

If Dad likes to spend his free time gaming from his couch in his man cave, check out Phantom’s Lapboard. It has a 360-degree rotating keyboard and a wireless mouse with a dedicated mousing area beneath the keyboard. Add a cupholder and the guy will never have to leave the basement.

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