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Computer Stocking Stuffers

Great peripherals for the holidays


For some families (mine included) stocking stuffers are often the most favorite part of the holidays. Here are some ideas that will probably work best for adults and teens.

1. Laptop Speaker Bar

Sure, many people would love a decked-out sound system for their office, but that can get expensive, not to mention cumbersome. Stick with simple with a clip-on speaker bar like Logitech’s Z205. It’s USB powered, so all you do is plug and play.

Interested in learning more about computer speakers? Check out these helpful tips:

2. Multi-Card Reader

Speaking of USB ports … it seems like every gadget these days requires one. When you’re using a laptop or a netbook, it’s easy to quickly run out of ports. Try a multi-card reader with extra USB ports like Transcend’s P7. You get the best of both worlds -- slots for all your memory cards and some extra USB ports for your devices.

3. Flash Drives

We all need them these days, and it seems like they’re filling up faster than ever before. Get Verbatim’s Tuff n Tiny 8GB USB flash drive, and it should be a while before your recipient runs out of room. As a plus, this won’t take up any space whatsoever in the stocking.

Looking for other kinds of external storage? Read up on what you should know, and a list of some our favorite portable storage devices.

4. Webcams

Webcams make great stocking stuffers (and gifts in general) because there’s a wide range of price points. If you’re looking to Skype with Granny, give her the Skype-friendly Freetalk Everyman HD camera. For someone who’s a little more tech-friendly, try out Logitech’s C510 HD camera.

5. Wireless Mouse

It sounds like such a simple idea, but any user of a great mouse will attest to how life-changing it can be (in the computer life, anyway). Get that person untethered with Microsoft Wireless Mouse 2000. It has BlueTrack technology, which means he can use the mouse on nearly any surface.

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