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Laptop bags and carrying cases come in all shapes and sizes. Use these reviews, ratings, and buying guides to learn about which one is right for you, and how to take advantage of the various purposes they serve.
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Black Friday 2013 Deals

3 Major Computer Peripheral Mistakes
Common mistakes you should avoid when it comes to computer peripherals

Waterproof, Water-Resistant and Washable Peripherals
A list of some of the best water-resistant and beyond peripherals

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What you should know about about Windows 8 peripherals

5 Ways to Work Faster
Hints to increase productivity using computer peripherals

10 Important Computer Peripheral Features
10 features to enhance your computing experience

10 Travel Tips For Computer Peripherals
Some helpful hints for traveling with computer peripherals

Kids' Peripherals Buying Tips
What to know before you buy computer accessories for kids

3 essential tablet peripherals
What 3 tablet accessories you shouldn't go without

What are your most essential netbook peripherals?
We want to know what you think are the most essential netbook peripherals.

Essential Netbook Peripherals
So you ve decided a netbook is the best computer type for your needs. Netbooks, which tend to be big on portability and small on extra features, are usually not meant as primary-use machines. They typically don t have enough memory or processing power to handle tasks that go beyond Internet surfing and word processing. In keeping with...

Transcend P7 Multi-Card Reader Review
A hands-on review of Transcend's P7 multi-card reader

5 Logitech Peripherals
5 Logitech's best computer peripherals

Things Not To Do When Buying Computer Peripherals
Avoid these pitfalls when purchasing computer accessories

Wi-Reader DW09 Review
A review of the Apotop Wi-Reader DW09

Cyber Monday Shopping Tips 2013
Some tips for buying computer peripherals on Cyber Monday

The Best Gadgets of 2013

3 Must-Have Travel Peripherals
Three computer peripherals you shouldn't leave home without

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