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Glossary of PC Terms

Find definitions and explanations of various computer technical terms and specifications. Learn what a certain term or phrase means, how you can interpret it, and how it relates to the product you're considering.
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What is a Desktop Set?

What are Chiclet Keys?
A simple explanation of the term "chiclet keys"

What is USB 3.1?
Explaining the USB 3.1 spec

What is a Dongle?
Explaining the term dongle in the realm of computer peripherals

What is a USB Stick?

What is a Short Throw Projector?
Defining a short throw projector

What is MFi?
Explaining MFi as it relates to computer peripherals

What is a Thumb Drive?

What is an Ambidextrous Mouse?
Defining ambidextrous as it relates to computer peripherals

What is a USB Hub?
Explaining a USB hub and where it could be found

What is Antimicrobial Protection?
Explaining antimicrobial protection as it relates to computer peripherals

What’s the Difference Between Washable, Waterproof and Water-Resistant?
Explaining the differences

What is DPI?
Defining the term DPI when it pertains to computer mice

What are Hot Keys?
A simple description of the term "hot keys"

Windows 8 FAQ
Answers to some FAQ about Windows 8 and how it pertains to computer peripherals

What Is Shockproof
Explaining the term "shockproof"

What is Unifying Technology?
Explaining Logitech's Unifying Technology

What is a QWERTY keyboard?
Defining the QWERTY keyboard

What is a VGA Cable?
An explanation and a picture of a VGA cable

What is a Presentation Mouse?
Defining a presentation mouse

What is an Aspect Ratio?
Defining the term aspect ratio

What is Detent Scrolling?
Defining detent scrolling

What is a NAS?
Defining NAS

What is ANSI?
Defining the term ANSI

What are Read and Write Speeds?
Explaining read and write speeds

What is the difference between an external and a portable hard drive?
The difference between the two drives

5 Things to Know about Ergonomics
Buying advice for ergonomic computer peripherals

What is a Pico Receiver -- Pico Receiver Definition
What is a Pico Receiver -- Pico Receiver Definition

Earphones vs. Ear Buds?
Reviewing the differences between the two listening devices

What is Flash?
An explanation of the differences between flash and Flash

What is a Nano Wireless Receiver?
What's the difference between a nano USB wireless receiver and a regular one? Find out the definition here.

What is a Solid-State Drive?
Solid-state drive definition

What Are Megapixels?
Megapixels can be the single most important factor when considering a web cam or digital camera, as the megapixel performance is directly related to the quality of images a camera might produce. Read on to learn more.

What is PCI Express?
What is the difference between PCI and PCI Express? Are they interchangeable? Find out once and for all in this glossary entry.

What is AGP?
A definition of the term AGP

What is PCI?
Every new PC comes with a PCI slot for attaching components. They're outdated for some applications, yet perfectly acceptable for others. Find out which is which here.

What the Difference Between Optical and Laser Mice?
An explanation of the differences between optical and laser mice and why you should (or shouldn’t) care.

What is a Pico Projector?
The definition of a pico projector

What is FPS?
A clear definition of FPS

What Does HDD Stand For?
Defining the term HDD and how it differs from SSD

What is a Thumb Drive?
Explaining "thumb drive"

What is Assistive Technology?
Defining the term assistive technology

What is a Mechanical Keyboard?
An explanation of mechanical keyboards

What is a Mobile Mouse?
An explanation of the term "mobile mouse"

What is a card reader?
Explaining the term "card reader" as it pertains to computer peripherals

What is MSRP?

What is a Desktop Set?

Why Isn't My USB Hub Working?
Suggestions as to why your USB hub may not work

What are Onboard Controls?

What is RF?

What is Haptic Feedback in Computer Peripherals?
Describing the term "haptic feedback" as it applies to computer peripherals

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