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Blu-ray FAQ


It's easy to get bogged down with computer peripherals when you're in the market to buy a new computer. It's one thing to stick with the standard-issued mouse and keyboard since those can be easy (and relatively inexpensive) to replace if you're not happy. Selecting an optical drive for your computer, however, requires a bit more thought if you're not sure what to get.

While most of us have gotten used to differentiating between a CD and a DVD drive -- not to mention a CD and/or DVD burner -- there's been a new option thrown into the mix: Blu-ray. Here's a collection of some frequently asked questions about Blu-ray disc drives.

1. What is Blu-ray?

2. Why is Blu-ray better than just regular DVDs?

3. Should I buy a computer with a Blu-ray drive?

4. Will a Blu-ray drive play DVDs?

5. Will the DVD drive on my computer become obsolete if I don't upgrade to a Blu-ray drive?

6. Can I burn a Blu-ray disc with a Blu-ray drive?

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