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Nexus Silent Mouse Review

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Nexus Silent Mouse Review

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If a mouse clicks in a cube and there are no coworkers around to hear to it, does it make a sound?

OK, that joke was corny, but it rings true for the Nexus Silent Mouse. A comfortable, 2.4GHz wireless mouse that emits almost zero sound while clicking and scrolling, the Silent Mouse would make a solid choice for workers who require quiet surroundings. Its only downfall is that it did show some response delays on certain areas of the desk.

At a Glance

The Good: Quiet (duh), comfy, dpi switch, receiver placeholder

The Bad: No programmable buttons, some response delays

The Good

Of course, the Nexus Silent Mouse isn't completely silent. There is a slight, barely perceptible, tapping sound when the buttons and scroll wheel are depressed. But, as a video on the company's website demonstrates, those sounds are greatly reduced when compared with a similar mouse. I compared the Nexus mouse with Logitech's Couch Mouse, which has a similar size and dimensions, and Logitech's mouse sounded positively earsplitting next to it.

But other than the clicking -- or lack thereof -- how does the mouse hold up? After all, it doesn't matter how quiet a mouse is if it's not comfortable to use. Thankfully, the Nexus Silent Mouse, with its velvety black finish, wide base and slight ergonomic curve for right-handed users (sorry lefties), proved to be comfortable during long-term use. The mouse is fairly lightweight and could be easily tossed in a carry-on bag, although it is a bit large to be considered a conventional travel mouse.

A receiver placeholder can be found on the bottom of the optical mouse for the included nano receiver, and it also features a switch that lets you switch between 1000 and 1600 dpi. Although it doesn't have an on/off switch, it does slip into a sleep mode. Turning the mouse back on is done by simply pressing one of the buttons.

The company also offers a white version with a glossy finish.

The Bad

While the mouse performed well on most areas of my wood desk, it did show some slight response delays in certain areas. Depending on the type of desk you have, this may mean you will need a mouse pad while using the device.

The only other unfortunate aspect of the Silent Mouse is that it doesn’t include any extra programmable buttons. It would be nice if the company had included one or two side buttons, but you’ll only miss those if you’re used to using them in a first place.

The Bottom Line

If you work in a library, a studio, or if you just can’t stand the click-click-click-click sound of mousing, the Nexus Silent Mouse is worth taking a look at. With an MSRP of $24.99, it’s a fair price for a wireless mouse, but be prepared to use a mouse pad if necessary.

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 3 out of 5
Nexus Silent mouse, Member jaekovkurosaki

Worked great and quietly untill i needed to clean the rollers for the mouse wheel (buffalo wings...) (mine was not wireless) There is no way to open the mouse. I ended up breaking the mouse trying to open it. yeah its quiet. Really quiet. and comfortable. but if u cant clean it? it doesnt last. I wont be buying another one.

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