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Best Ambidextrous Mice 2013


While the rules for ergonomics vary, the general sentiment is that computer mice should feature some sort of natural curving for the hand. This means that mice that are billed as "ergonomic" will often be suited for either left hands or right hands, but never both at the same time. The truth is that there are no fixed rules for ergonomics, and you may simply find an ambidextrous mouse more comfortable to use.

An ambidextrous mouse also allows you to switch up your mousing hand, which can help prevent repetitive stress injuries. Here's a list of some of the best ones that this site has reviewed.

1. Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse

The Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse is geared toward Windows 8 users, although other OS users can still reap the benefits. It has a glossy surface and a comfortable shape, and comes with a fun touch strip instead of a traditional scroll wheel. This is a Bluetooth mouse, so non-Bluetooth users take note.

2. Logitech M325

The M325 is likely best suited for those with smaller hands. The simple construction of the mouse contrasts again its funky designs, part of the Global Graffiti Collection. It uses a nano USB receiver that makes use of Logitech’s Unifying Technology, and it also features the company’s “micro-precise scrolling.”

3. Seal Shield Silver Storm

The Silver Storm Mouse from Seal Shield gets high ratings in its germ-fighting capabilities, and it’s designed for a serious dunk in the water or a trip through the dishwasher. But beyond that, it’s also a fairly comfortable mouse for both left- and right-hand users. The scroll wheel is a bit stiff, but big fans of detent scrolling may appreciate this. This is a wired mouse.

4. Genius Navigator 905 Vogue

The Genius Navigator 905 Vogue is more than a mouse for those with small hands -- this is definitely a travel mouse. It comes with the company’s signature Stick-n-Go receiver and mouse mount, and it uses its BlueEye technology. According to Genius, BlueEye lets the optical mouse work on nearly any surface, and this site’s reviews showed no issues on that front. The Navigator 905 Vogue’s price was initially a bit high when it was first reviewed, but it has dropped significantly since then. It has a firm scroll wheel and satisfying clicking.

5. Logitech M515 Couch Mouse

The Logitech M515 Couch mouse has been around for a few years, but it still remains a favorite of mine. It’s comfortable to use in both hands, has a bit of welcome heft to it, and features Hyper-fast scrolling (as well as the ability to turn this off). The M515's closed-bottom base also makes it great for couch loungers, which I’ll admit to also having a soft spot for.
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