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Eclipse MobileMouse Review

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Eclipse MobileMouse Review

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The Eclipse MobileMouse is a rugged wireless mouse with a 360-degree trackball replacing the scroll wheel. While it features almost no ergonomic details (it can be raised or lowered into two different positions), its side-to-side scrolling ability is appealing, as its sturdiness.

At a Glance

The Good: Sturdy, side-to-side scrolling, super sensitive dragging

The Bad: Very square, scrolling not quite as sensitive


The Eclipse MobileMouse is a laser mouse that uses 2.4GHz wireless technology. It comes with a nano wireless receiver that can be neatly tucked inside the battery cover for storage. The edges are constructed of die-cast metal, as is its adjustable leg that raises and lowers the mouse into two positions. The top of the mouse is a glossy black surface that shows fingerprints quickly and often.

This is one heavy-duty mouse, and as such would make a fine option for travelers. I'm hesitant to recommend it for families with children because although it could probably stand the toddler test (fingerprints notwithstanding), its base is much wider and flatter than a traditional child's mouse.

There are no ergonomic curves and therefore can be used with either a left or right hand. Lefty users should take note that Eclipse has placed the two programmable side buttons both on the left side, rather than one on each side. The top side button also doubles as an on/off switch -- always a plus for a wireless mouse.

Sensitivity and Scrolling

The company rates the mouse's dpi at 1600, which is on the higher end of traditional mice. As a result, the MobileMouse is super sensitive, and it's up to you to decide if you require this level of sensitivity. While gamers and graphic designers may appreciate its capabilities, casual click-and-draggers may have a harder time becoming accustomed to it. As with most new peripherals, you should allot yourself some time for a learning curve.

Unfortunately, the scroll ball wasn't quite as receptive when it came to sensitivity. Although there does not feel like there is the click-to-click tactile scrolling that many mice have in scroll wheels, this how the MobileMouse responded when operating. In other words, every time you scroll up or down, you are scrolling up or down one increment -- there are no half-increments.

On the other hand, the Eclipse MobileMouse does have side-to-side scrolling, which is something most mice lack. You do need to download the included software (so make sure you have proper admin rights if you'll be using this for work), but it can be a godsend for heavy Microsoft Excel users. No more having to drag down to the arrow bar to go from field AA to EA -- now you can do it all from the scroll ball.

The Bottom Line

At $59.99, the Eclipse MobileMouse is a bit pricier than your average wireless mouse, but its solid construction makes it a fair price. If you think you would benefit from side-to-side scrolling, I would take a look at this rugged option.

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