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Nothing on your PC gets more use than the mouse. Whether you're buying new to go with a new computer, or looking to upgrade your current mouse, you can learn what sets one apart from another here.
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5 Great Cheap Mice – 2014 Edition
5 mice that get the job done without breaking the bank

Logitech's 2014 Color Collection
Detailing the 2014 Color Collection from Logitech

3 Things You Need In A Mobile Mouse

Best Ambidextrous Mice 2013
The best mice for both hands

Wired or Wireless Mouse?
Weighing the pros and cons of each

How To Connect a Wireless Mouse
Easy directions on connecting a wireless mouse

5 Unusual Mice
A list of 5 slightly unusual mice

My Mouse Wont Work. Now What?
9 easy troubleshooting tips for broken mice

Mother's Day Mice
Computer mice for Mom

Guide to Mice
Everything you need to know about computer mice

Cheap Mice
A list of some of the most affordable wired and wireless mice on the market.

5 Important Mice Details
Things to think about before you buy a mouse

3 Mice You Can Use (Almost) Anywhere
Both Microsoft and Logitech -- two of the biggest players in the computer peripherals market -- have mice that are designed to be used on traditionally inoperable surfaces. Instead of being tethered to a mousepad, or even a desk, these mice let you take use your laptops on granite kitchen counters, carpeted floors, or even couch cushions.

Before You Buy a Mouse
Using the mouse that comes with your computer is a lot like using the little white earbuds that come with your iPod -- it gets the job done, but you can do a lot better. Heres what you need to know.

How to Set Up a Bluetooth Device
Having trouble setting up your Bluetooth device? Follow these step-by-step instructions to figure it out.

5 Wireless Mice for Under $50
Whether you need six buttons or two, there is an inexpensive wireless mouse out there that can likely suit your needs. Even at a low cost, the performance and features of these mice are able to satisfy any type of user, from gamers to designers to general PC users.

Review Your Wireless Mouse
Do you have a favorite wireless mouse? Does it make your job easier? Is it comfortable to use? Likewise, is there a mouse you think everyone should stay away from? Share your experiences with other readers and review your wireless mouse. See submissions

Great Travel Mice
If you re a frequent traveler, you re going to need a great travel mouse. Let s face it -- using that laptop touchpad can be uncomfortable and frustrating if you re accustomed to using a mouse. Travel mice aren t always just scaled-down versions of full-sized mice (although they almost always have smaller footprints). They also usually come with other features that can be crucial to a road warri…

How to Clean a Wireless Mouse
Step-by-step instructions to cleaning a wireless mouse

What Kind of Mouse User Are You?
Read these scenarios to find out what kind of mouse user you are.

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