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Logitech Cube Review

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Logitech Cube Review

Image courtesy of Logitech

To split hairs, the Logitech Cube Mouse is not a cube. It does come in a cube -- the packaging is a cardboard cube that holds the mouse, carrying sleeve, USB nano reciver, USB charging cable and small carrying bag -- but the mouse itself is actually a rectangle. This is not your everyday mouse. It’s a presentation mouse that gives users more freedom by being able to act as a standard mouse when it’s placed on a surface. This loveliness behind this is that it switches modes instantly. There is no fumbling with switches or changing modes via the computer mid-presentation.

As a Presentation Mouse

Semantics aside, the Cube is an impressively designed presentation mouse. Set it down, and you can use it a standard mouse, although its diminutive size will likely give you hand cramps in long-term use. Pick it up, and it instantly turns into a presentation device. Face it up for forward clicking through slides; turn it upside to reverse your slides. It really couldn't be easier to use.

I do wish that it had a scrolling option for use during presentations (such as the Genius Ring Mouse). That really would have made it an all-in-one presentation mouse.

As a Standard Mouse

As a standard mouse, it's about the complete opposite of an ergonomic device. Logitech was obviously going for portability, and they do achieve this and then some. The Cube measures less about 2 inches long and weighs about as much as a cigarette lighter. It can fit in your front shirt pocket and you'll likely forget it's even there. One downside: Its tiny size means there's no place for a nano USB receiver placeholder, so be prepared to use that carrying case while traveling. However, the Cube uses Logitech's Unifying technology, so you can use it with other Logitech nano receivers if you already have one of those receivers plugged into your computer.

The Cube does feature left and right clicking. Pressing the front of the mouse acts as the left-clicking button, and pressing the middle of the mouse acts as the right-clicking button. There is a learning curve for getting this down pat, so you should definitely practice with this mouse a bit before undergoing any big presentations.

It comes in black or white.

Battery Life

The battery life on the Cube wasn't great. I found that I needed to plug it in to charge about once a week or so, and this will likely vary on how often you plan to use it. For rechargeable battery devices, this is not uncommon, but it does take some getting used to for a computer peripheral. However, for a presentation device, this can be tricky because the last place you want to get caught with dead batteries is in front of a large group of people.

The Cube does come with an on/off switch to preserve battery life, and a full charge didn't take very long to achieve at all. Thankfully, it also has a battery-status indicator.

Flow Scroll

Logitech offers what it terms "Flow Scroll" as a download from its website. This is designed to enable "smooth as smartphone scrolling" for the Cube, mimicking the kind of scrolling you'd find on a touchscreen device. Whether or not you want this is a personal preference. I wasn't too fond of it - it felt much less precise for me - but I may have just needed to allow more of an adjustment period.

The Bottom Line

The Cube operates seamlessly as a presentation mouse, although having presentation scrolling would have been the icing on the cake. That said, at a $69.99 MSRP, you're getting an elegant option to ensure less fumbling at the podium.

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