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MyKeyO Restt Keyboard Review

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MyKeyO Restt Keyboard Review

Image courtesy of Lisa Johnston

I really wanted to love the Restt keyboard from MyKeyO. At first impression, it's a great concept: a wireless keyboard with a built-in, flip-up organizer. With its nano receiver, media keys and fairly low profile, it has all the makings of a great wireless keyboard. Its only problem that I just couldn't get past was the size of the backspace key.

I know, I know … it sounds like I'm quibbling. But I'm really not.

At a Glance

The Good: Convenient design, nano receiver

The Bad: Small backspace key makes typing difficult


There are several different Restt keyboards available from MyKeyO. I tested model MK1700-Wireless, which uses a nano receiver to connect. There are also wired and Bluetooth models, and the company has a model in the works that's known as the Executive Restt, which will accommodate the Apple keyboard.

The Restt MK1700-Wireless is actually two pieces: There is a slim 107-keyboard (with an additional 16 media keys on the side), and there is a black organizer tray that the keyboard snaps into. The tray features 11 compartments, with specially designated slots for pens and CDs, among other supplies. The keyboard snaps in and out of the tray very easily, and it feels very sturdy when doing so -- no reason to fear the brackets cracking after long-term use.

They keyboard itself measures about 18 inches long by 7.5 inches wide. They tray sticks out an additional 2 inches from the top of the keyboard and serves as a dedicated space for a tablet and/or cell phone holder. It's a little less than 1.75 inches at its thickest point, so the Restt would fit easily in most keyboard desk trays (it did in mine).

They keyboard alone is fairly light. Snapping it into the tray adds a little weight, which would of course get heavier once you put some office supplies in there. Still, it would be a convenient option for those who carry a keyboard around the house -- students moving from the bedroom to the kitchen to do homework, for example.


I recently "learned" from Microsoft that the backspace key is one of the most-pressed keys. While this was difficult to verify, I do know that I use the backspace key a lot -- a whole lot. I use it enough that having a truncated key made a world of difference when it came to typing, and it wasn't a good difference. Most contemporary keyboards found in U.S. retailers have extra-long backspace keys. The backspace key on the Restt was the same size as the number and letters keys.

Unfortunately, I was just never able to type comfortably on the Restt. The short backspace key get tripping me up, and I kept typing the "\" key instead. Frustration quickly ensued. That was the other funny little quirk. Most keyboards have the three bracket keys in a row: [ ] \ . The MK1700-Wireless puts the \ key to the left of the backspace key to accommodate the larger Enter key.

I contacted the company to see if this design had been intentional, and a spokesman cited cost concerns as the primary reason. (The company purchases the pre-built keyboards and customizes them into the Restt models.)

He also noted in his email: "As a side note, I have been selling keyboard with organizers for years … while my first keyboard organizer did have the larger backspace key, my last two models did not, and with many thousands sold, have never had anyone bring up that issue."

He also provided several links of keyboards that have similar key layouts. While there weren't many big names (Targus was probably the best-known), and one of them was actually a gaming keyboard, they do indeed exist. I've learned that I just don't like typing on them.

The Bottom Line

Image courtesy of Lisa Johnston

The MyKeyO would make a good option for a teenager, college student or anyone with limited desk space. Two-finger, hunt-and-peck typists will likely not give a whit about the size of the backspace key. But if you've been typing on a keyboard with the larger backspace for a while, the Restt's design could pose a big problem.

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