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Looking Ahead To 2013

4 Things To Be Excited About In 2013


As 2012 comes to a close, it's hard not to get excited about what's in store for the new year. While not all of these are completely new, this year saw them take a strong foothold in the computer peripherals world, and we can only assume (and hope) that the momentum will continue for 2013.

Cloud Computing

Fresh off the review of LaCie's CloudBox, I have to admit that this is one technology I'm getting more excited about. No, it's not new (at all). But companies are starting to figure out how to get the simplicity of the Cloud across to the average user. If it's not easy to use, most of the people who read this site will have no desire to use it.

Windows 8 Peripherals

Although Windows 8 didn't have quite the blockbuster results that Microsoft had been hoping for (at least not as of this writing in December 2012), the peripherals that came out in support of the platform received strong marks. Even if you don't make the switch to the new OS immediately, these backward compatible peripherals have stepped up their game in features and design.

Click here to learn what you should know about Windows 8 as it relates to computer peripherals.

Pico Projectors

Prices are dropping, quality is improving, and these little handheld devices are becoming less a novelty and more a viable option for projecting. Will you see them replacing full-sized multimedia projectors? Well, no, not any time soon, but they have become a practical choice for many road warriors.

Click here to read the Pico Projector Buying Guide.

USB 3.0

Like Cloud computing, this is not a new technology, but USB 3.0 has shifted from being a pricy add-on to becoming the standard for data storage. While companies are still coming out with new USB 2.0 devices, they are not the norm, especially in large-capacity drives.

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