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What Is a Nano Wireless Receiver?
What's the difference between a nano USB wireless receiver and a regular one? Find out the definition here.
What is a Pico Receiver -- Pico Receiver Definition
A pico receiver is essentially the same thing as a nano receiver, except that it can be a hair smaller. Both are designed to sit nearly flush with a laptop's USB port, ...
What to Know Before Buying a Computer Mouse
When it comes to those wireless receivers, some come with nano receivers that sit flush with the USB port. Others come with larger wireless receivers that jut out  ...
Microsoft BlueTrack Mice - Computer Peripherals on About.com
These are simple mice that feature nano USB receivers and detent scrolling, but no extra programmable buttons. Artists who have created designs for this line ...
Connect the Receiver to the Computer (Step 5)
Step 5: Connect the receiver to the computer using a free USB port. ... What Is a Nano Wireless Receiver? The "What Computer Should I Buy?" Questionnaire ...
Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1000 - Review
Although nano receivers are designed to sit flush with the USB port, allowing them to be transported from place to place, it's still difficult to think of a travel mice  ...
Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 Review
While most mice and keyboards these days are going the way of the nano or pico receiver, Microsoft has stuck with a full-sized USB receiver for the Wireless ...
Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 Overview
Thankfully for wireless mice, the size of the typical USB receiver has shrunk ... The M705's nano receiver is designed to be left inside the port even when the ...
Logitech M325 Mouse Review and Description
Both are wireless mice that use nano USB receivers. And both have a suggested retail of $29.99. But that's about where the similarities end. Although the M325 ...
What is Unifying Technology? - Computer Peripherals on About.com
... the same computer, you only need to use a single nano receiver for all three devices. This keeps two USB ports free for other things, and allows you stop the ...
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