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What Is Multimedia? - Creative Career Options
Multimedia offers a wide variety of ways of presenting content through computers and/or electronic devices.
Multimedia - Sound, Graphics, Video, and Animation
Multimedia Web pages include sound graphics, video and animation. Many Web developers are learning Flash to add more flair to boring Web pages.
How to Make a Multimedia Presentation in English Class
In depth feature on how to create a multimedia presentation as an ESL project for English learning classes.
25M -- Multimedia Illustrator - US Military - About.com
Job descriptions and qualification factors for United States Army Enlisted Jobs ( Military Occupation Specialties). On this page, all about 25M -- Multimedia ...
Before You Add Multimedia to Your Website - Web Design/HTML
Multimedia is a way to make your Web pages more active and fun. But if you're not careful, you can drive away your customers. Before you add any multimedia,  ...
Creating a Multimedia Presentation as an ESL EFL Project
In depth feature on how to create a multimedia presentation as an ESL project for English learning classes.
Career Profile: Army Multimedia Illustrator
To qualify for placement as a Multimedia Illustrator, you'll need your high school diploma and scores of 93 on the Electronics and 91 on the Skilled Technical ...
Web, Mobile, & Multimedia Publishing as a Niche Topic of Desktop ...
... eBooks, and PDF documents. Multimedia can combine any number of visual as well as audio publishing options including PowerPoint presentations.
Essential Software: Multimedia Applications - PC Reviews - About.com
Article from the About PC Hardware / Reviews Guide that examines some of the multimedia applications that users may either get with the purchase of a new ...
Business Presentation & Multimedia Authoring Software for Windows
Multimedia authoring software for creating business presentations, games, CDs and DVDs on the Windows platform. These products allow you to design ...
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