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How to Clean a Wireless Mouse -- Cleaning a Mouse - Peripherals
As with our keyboards , our computer mice can get pretty cruddy, pretty fast. Keep your wireless mouse in optimal operating shape by regularly cleaning it with ...
Best Wireless Mice for Frequent Travelers - Peripherals - About.com
If you're a frequent traveler, you're going to need a great wireless mouse. Let's face it -- using that laptop touchpad can be uncomfortable and frustrating if you're  ...
How To Connect a Wireless Mouse - Peripherals - About.com
So you've decided to cut the cord and move to a wireless mouse. Congratulations ! No longer will you find yourself tangled up in that pesky cord, and you've ...
How To Install a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse - PC Support
Installing a wireless keyboard and mouse couldn't be more simple. This is a quick installation with no tools required.
Install a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse - Videos - About.com
Free yourself from your computer by installing a wireless mouse and keyboard. It's easy to do with these simple instructions.
Install Wireless Keyboard and Mouse - PC Support - About.com
Step 2: Setup the wireless keyboard and mouse on you desk where they are most comfortable to use.
What to Know Before Buying a Computer Mouse - Peripherals
Whether or not you should get a wireless mouse is really a personal preference. With a wireless mouse, you won't run the risk of getting tangled in your cord, but ...
Position the Wireless Receiver (Step 3) - PC Support - About.com
Step 3: Position the wireless receiver unit somewhere on your desk, usually withing a few feet of the keyboard and mouse.
Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Review
The Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 is a laser travel mouse that features the company's BlueTrack technology. It's a step down from the Wireless Mobile ...
Logitech M525 Wireless Mouse Overview - Peripherals - About.com
The Logitech M525 is wireless mouse meant for use with either right- or left- handed people. It packs a walloping three years into its battery life and comes in five ...
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