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Welcome to Computer Peripherals on About.com
The computer peripherals section of About.com provides news, reviews and what you need to know about the devices you plug into your computer.
10 Important Computer Peripheral Features - Computer Peripherals ...
The category of computer peripherals is a pretty broad one, and it contains many devices with the potential to make or break your computing experience.
Ergonomic Computer Peripherals
Buying advice for ergonomic computer peripherals.
The Top Ten Web Search Computer Accessories - About Web Search
Make your Web searches more efficient, more enjoyable, and more convenient with my picks for the top ten computer accessories for Web searchers.
The History of Computer Peripherals - Inventors - About.com
Select one of the computer peripherals listed below to learn more about it. Computer peripherals are any of a number of devices that work with a computer.
Home Office Computer Accessories - About.com
Once you've purchased your computer for your home office, either a desktop computer or a laptop; it's time to start looking at what other accessories you need to ...
Top PC Game Accessories - Internet Games - About.com
The latest toys for computer games include egonomic input devices, 3D glasses, and precision mouse pads. These accessories can dramatically improve the ...
Best Netbook Laptop Accessories - PC Hardware / Reviews - About ...
Netbooks are small laptops for those looking for a basic computer on the go but they lack many of ... Peripherals and Upgrades To Add to A Netbook Laptop PC.
12 Great Sites for Web Geek Gifts - Web and Social Media Trends
Things like tablet computers, software packages, computer parts, mobile accessories and even web-based subscriptions or memberships are all growing in ...
Eight Gaming Peripherals for the Ultimate Video Game PC - Building ...
Eight computer peripherals to help you build your ultimate gaming rig, including the right kind of speakers, monitors, and more. Anyone can choose a fast, video ...
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